Our approach to the design process is akin to a stone sculptor’s: after careful stone selection, through the process of elimination and aided by some serendipity inherit in the material, a final work reveals itself.
Proper site or building selection (in the case of relocation/reuse) is essential to realize a successful project. Sometimes this piece-work is a given and an analysis must be made to understand its potential.
The chisels, in the case of architectural design, are: zoning and building code regulations, program and use requirements, budget, environmental and energy concerns, mechanical/ electrical/plumbing requirements and materials limitations. Each item will influence the final result and all require careful manipulation by the skilled artisan.
We believe that the architect, like the stone sculptor, must be involved in all aspects of the project, from initial selection to final polishing, from programming to punch-list, in order to assure efficient execution and continuity of vision.
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